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I wish I decided to start a blog about the Clippers earlier, but better late than never, right?

Since they are no longer playing, I want to write about what they’ve done for me personally. From elementary school to now, these are a list of things I wanted to become: teacher, lawyer, psychologist, author and now, a sports journalist (NBA, to be more specific). It took me a while to realize what I wanted to be, but it all happened because of the Clippers. At first, I was just an extreme fan and watched all their games from “Clippers Live to Clippers Live” simply because it was entertaining for me. The more I watched, the more I got into it. I was spending more time on than I was on Facebook or any other social network. To add onto that, I began talking about the Clippers and Blake Griffin nonstop. Information and statistics I’ve been hearing on t.v and reading about soon spilled out of my mouth like water. Guys were saying I knew more about basketball than they did, but like I said, I didn’t realize that until later. Just a couple months ago, I finally realized that I really wanted to be an NBA journalist. Being addicted to basketball for 5 months doesn’t really help me know a whole lot of basketball, which I don’t. But as I enter college, I really feel like I have the drive to do anything it takes to become what I’m dreaming of.

But, in life, there’s always a problem. ALWAYS. In my case, the problem is something called “Asian Parents.” Sure, they always gave me opportunities to develop certain talents and have the experience of doing new things, but never did they give me the opportunity to further improve what I loved doing; one of which was volleyball. They let me have a taste of the things I wanted to do, but always pushed me to do things I didn’t: violin. With my future about to start, when I told my mom I wanted to become a journalist, she looked at me with disgust and muttered. Then she responds, “Why don’t you just listen to me and become a lawyer. You’ll never succeed by becoming a journalist. They don’t get paid much and you always waste your time with basketball.” I simply replied, “If I fail trying, I can live with myself. But I can’t live knowing I never tried to become what I most want right now just to make you happy.”

I’m not oblivious to the fact at how hard and how unlikely it will be to really become an NBA journalist, but this is what I want right now and will do whatever it takes. I love my parents with all my heart, but I don’t want to be living a life doing something I dread to do everyday.

This post sounded more like a complaint, but the Clippers really inspired me and helped me realize my dream. 20 years later, I might be looking back at this post laughing at how idiotic I sound, but just maybe I’ll be looking back and be proud of what I accomplished.


LAClippers are Missed

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Man… I cannot describe to anybody how much I miss watching the Clippers play. Yes, the play-offs are exciting especially with all these close, intense games in the first round, but it doesn’t compare to watching any Clippers games with Blake Griffin. You may be thinking how bias I am and I agree 100%, but I don’t have a favorite to win the whole thing. That would also be a lie. I want Lakers to win, but if they don’t I think I’ll get over it in an hour or so. If Clippers made it to playoffs this year, I definitely would’ve bought another ticket to watch before I left for BYU. The thought of what next year will be like already gets me excited; I just hope these injuries stop. Because I won’t be seeing alot of Blake Griffin or the Clippers over the next five months or so, I’m trying to make up for it by looking up youtube videos on his rookie year. I know I know, I’m so obsessed it’s disgusting, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Just kidding.

Like many people say, Clippers’s fans are not born to be a Clippers fan. They’re simply made into one. That’s definitely what happened to me this year. You can say I just hopped onto the Blake Griffin bandwagon, if there is one, but I don’t care. He’s changed the face of this league and I got hooked since November of just last year. I’ve always been exposed to the NBA and watched games with my brothers, but never in my life did I ever think I would fall in love with such an underdog team. When my friends find out about the addiction I have for the Clippers, they look at me like I’m crazy. And since Clippers lose more than they win, I get responses and made fun of for liking such a “bad” team. And when somebody makes fun of something I like, I get really offended and begin to argue. At this very moment, my friend is trying to say Blake Griffin is not good, sucks at defense, can only dunk and boy am I getting a little frustrated. Nobody can expect a rookie to come in and dominate his first year, but Blake was sure close to doing that in the regular season. There was always at least one picture of him in the top stories on He was practically guaranteed the ROY award within a month. He was the first person in NBA history to be a part of the Rookie/Sophomore Challenge, Slam Dunk Contest, AND the All-Star Game. And he still dominated in all 3 events despite the loss of a close friend over cancer.

For all those who’ve seen him play already know he’s an amazing basketball player. On the court, only half of his personality comes out and that’s his determination to give 100% all the time and his humility. Many people think he has a boring personality and never smiles, but obviously they were wrong. He’s become quite the comedian over the past few months with videos on  Myspace and Norm MacDonald’s SportsShow. Even during interviews after practice, he and his team will bring smiles and laughs to whoever watches them.

Enough of this rant and obsession. I just want to say that I know Blake Griffin will become an even MORE amazing player and they WILL make the playoffs next year. And I hope Blake will stay humble and play hard all the time as he improves his game over the summer. High expectations are set for him, and I’m sure he’ll definitely exceed those expectations as he did this year. One more thing, I hope he never gets any tattoos and stays clean like Dwight Howard. 🙂

Until next time…

The Last Game: April 13, 2011

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In the 18 years (my whole life) I’ve lived in L.A, the first time I’ve ever been to the Staples Center was Wednesday night; also the first time I ever WANTED to go. I’ve seen it thousands of time, but only when driving down the freeway. Anyways, that’s besides the point.

My dad got my brother and me tickets to the last Clippers game of the season as a birthday present, and it became one of the best nights I’ve had in a very long while. After seeing the Clippers so many times on t.v, getting to see them in person, just 6 rows behind their bench, didn’t feel real at all. What I mean by that is, it literally felt like I was in a dream the whole time. The view I get is what I choose to see rather than having to see what the cameras give me on the screen when watching it at home.

The last game of the season was Fan Appreciation Night so there were lots and lots of prizes and giveaways, and I got nothing, except Ike Diogu’s autograph… But that’s okay because watching Blake Griffin play in person was 1000x better. The first few minutes was definitely “The Blake Show”; he scored the first ten points or so within the first three minutes, and the rest was history.. well, almost.   Clippers were up by about 30 points by halftime until Memphis picked up their game in the 4th quarter. Anyways, the weird part for me was, even though Memphis is a play-off team now, I just KNEW Clippers were going to win. Maybe that’s just me being extremely optimistic about going to my first basketball game EVER, but the feeling was there and it came true. Blake Griffin brings a new meaning to his league and so do the rest of the Clippers and fans. The support DeAndre Jordan got after his air-ball free throw from the fans and the smiles/laughs Blake and he exchanged were such precious moments and so human-like. And maybe because this is the first game I’ve ever seen in person, I can’t seem to put my feelings or what I saw into words, so I will end here for now. In short, the Clippers are an amazing team and will continue to rise and go to playoffs next year. I can feel it. The poster says it all. 

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This team’s sense of humor makes the worst days the best.

The End of this season is only the Beginning for the Clippers

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The Clippers were never worth mentioning in any NBA topic except for one: the team that will never succeed. However, things changed since the entrance of Blake Griffin. Or did it? Blake was the first overall pick in the 2009 draft and fans began buzzing about this rookie. Things started to look up, until the so-called “Clippers Curse” happened. The last pre-season game against the New Orleans Hornets took a toll on Blake. After another sensational dunk, he came down landing and chipping a bone in his knee. Fans’ hopes still rose, until it was announced he would miss out on the rest of the season that never started. Despite this unfortunate event, this is the past. Today is the present, tomorrow is the future, and that is all Blake Griffin and the rest of the Clippers team look forward to.

Even weeks after their elimination from the playoffs, they hold their head up high and play as if they are entering the 2011 playoffs. Yes, they only won 10 games out of the last 20 games, but they came out and played hard in a playoff atmosphere. Although not excusable, this fact is worth mentioning: the Clippers had less than 10 games with the FULL roster available. They were still able to adjust and pick up their game, especially from mid-December to the whole month of January. Then came the dreadful, LONG road-trip, without their top-scorer, Eric Gordon. Through all these hardships, the Clippers, especially Blake Griffin, still became a hot-topic in the NBA.

A definite winner of Rookie of the Year, Blake Griffin has changed the league with his impressive dunks, but also with his humble character, charisma and endless determination. One weekend he will never forget: All-Star Weekend. He is the first person EVER to be a part of the Rookie/Sophomore Challenge, Slam Dunk Contest, and the All-Star Game. And now, probably the first ever to win in all those categories. Rookies win, Blake is the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest Champion and the West was able to take the win this year. With the extremely busy schedule, Blake was able to get through the weekend without one complaint and showed his gratitude for the fact that he was just able to play this year. He composed himself extremely well even though he could have backed out with everyone understanding when one of his best friends passed a couple days before the crazy weekend. He will become the new face in this league and will be forever known as one of the best players in NBA.

I call him, “Blake Almighty.”

This is only a preview of what the Clippers will become.

Final Game: Wednesday, April 13 @ Staples Center. 7:30 p.m VS. Memphis Grizzlies.

Blake Griffin’s Night Shift

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Not only is Blake Griffin talented on the court, but he and DeAndre Jordan have talent on camera. While basketball fans know DJ is a guy with a sense of humor, on and off the court, nobody ever thinks of Blake Griffin as a funny guy the way he plays night in and night out. After every dunk, Blake’s mouthpiece hangs from the side of his mouth as he stares down the opposing team. He’s in his “own little world”, as he says, and means no harm to anybody. But we all feel the pain of the guy who gets “Mozgov’d.”

If any of you (probably talking to myself right now) don’t believe Blake Griffin can be a comedic, just watch the show tomorrow night on Comedy Central at 10:30 pm with DeAndre Jordan and Norm Macdonald. The video above is just a LITTLE taste of Blake’s hilarious sarcasm.



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I dream of becoming an NBA journalist and this is where I’m going to start practicing.