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Long Time No See

In Uncategorized on May 30, 2011 at 5:46 am

The past month has definitely been a little busy, but now it is all over. Thursday will be the official end of high school. Although I haven’t been posting anything (not that anyone reads it anyway), I still kept up with the Clippers and the rest of this super unpredictable playoffs.

The 2011 playoffs is probably unexpected for anybody, but now it is Dallas or Miami. I’m betting Dallas to take it all. Sure, Lebron James had a few clutch moments, but Dirk. He cannot be stopped! But I guess we will find out in a couple weeks…


Back to my Clippers!
Obviously, nobody really cares much about any team NOT in the playoffs right now; however, as a true Clippers fan, I still look for updates on the players and what they’ve been up to during their off-season. Yes, I know this is very old news but Blake Griffin finally got his Rookie of the Year award. Not to mention, he was a unanimous winner but I think everybody knew that after watching a few games earlier in the season. He was also selected to the All-Rookie First Team while Bledsoe was selected for the All-Rookie Second Team. Not only did Bledsoe make the second team, but he also did some charitable service in Alabama after the horrific tornado. More good news! Deandre Jordan will be working with Hakeem Olajuwon- the same hall of fame inductee that Dwight Howard worked with. I don’t know about anybody else, but I definitely cannot wait to watch this team play next year. On top of that, this young team is already starting practice and it’s only the end of May. As I was watching interviews with the players, all I can think of was the incredible work ethic they have and how they are willing to start practices so early. Sure, there are talented players out there, but “hard work beats talent, but talent fails to work hard.” Cliche? I know.. but it’s true; talent can only get you so far. I’m not saying the Clippers will be a championship caliber team next year, but they will definitely be a contender in the playoffs.

Blake Griffin getting too much attention?
Blake has been all over the media lately with being on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Subway, AT&T, Kia, premiere for Hangover II and even the video game, RAGE. People are saying he’s being over-hyped like Lebron James, but I believe he will continue his humble path and not get so caught up in all the attention he is receiving. He became my favorite NBA player in an instant and it is going to stay that way 🙂 During the ROY conference, Vinny Del Negro pointed out his talent and all the accomplishments he’s made but he also emphasized how hard Blake worked during the regular season. His work ethic, never missing a day of practice, starting in all 82 games and much more will get him to the level of the legends. He hasn’t disappointed anyone with all this hype, yet. Still about another five months before next season starts, but I know it’ll be a good one. We shall just have to wait and see…