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Unlock this Lockout

In Uncategorized on August 22, 2011 at 9:59 am

The summer is too long of a break for no basketball. However, this is why I want to become a sports journalist. Particularly an NBA journalist. Despite the lockout, the media never stops looking for new updates on these athletes, which has made the summer a little bearable. I constantly look for updates on the Clippers, but more importantly, Blake Griffin. Hahaha …

Anyway, I am a biased person when it comes to Blake Griffin, but I do not commend him for things he has not done. Throughout his rookie season, all he has done was prove to the world that he is better than the hype. He is constantly working out and improving his jump shots over the summer while also putting up scholarship events and basketball camps. All of this and he is only 22 years old. Articles are out talking about how Clippers are a favorite on making the playoffs next season (if there is one) and how “Blake Griffin 2.0” is on the way. Like Charles Barkley stated during the 2011 Dunk Contest (paraphrased): The scary thing is, he doesn’t even know how to play yet. He is playing purely on talent. Once he knows how to play and how the game works, it’s gonna be scary.
How exciting does that sound?! People say Blake Griffin is overhyped, but when he comes out and proves to all the doubters that he has potential to become the best, their mouths will be stapled shut.

Hopefully this lockout will soon be over so I can write more things about the Clippers and Blake Griffin…