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The best way I can summarize yesterday is… the NBA went nuts!

Right when trades were allowed to take place, the whole league went bonkers. Constant news on Twitter popped up saying Caron Butler was traded to the Clippers, Shannon Brown to Phoenix, Big Baby to Orlando, Gilbert Arenas getting amnestied, ETC. Too many things to keep track of. However, the biggest trade that occurred yesterday was a 3-way trade between Hornets, Lakers, and Rockets with Chris Paul to the Lakers for Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol. There were a lot of positive reactions to this trade, but a lot of negative reactions as well. Sure, Chris Paul is arguably the best point guard in the league right now, but is he really worth Gasol and Odom? Without those two, the Lakers front court has completely disappeared. I doubt Bynum will be able to take care of things by himself when he can hardly control his anger. Which is why he’s being suspended for the first 5 games of the season after throwing Barea down to the ground in the playoffs last year. While I love the Clippers, I still support the Lakers, which is why I believe Chris Paul should not be traded to the Lakers in exchange for Odom and Gasol. I think Clippers would be a better fit for CP3, considering they don’t have a true point guard.

BUT, since David Stern vetoed the trade, I guess none of that really matters. For now…

As much as I love Dwight Howard, who’s already been out of the discussion for being traded to the Clippers, I have a hard time accepting him on the Clippers because…
1. I love Deandre Jordan, who’s just like a mini-Dwight Howard, and developing very quickly.
2. Eric Gordon is becoming one of the top shooting-guards in the league and is one of the most underrated SG’s as well.
3. I think Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin would clash in the front court. Yes, they would most likely be one of the most dominant front courts in the league, but if Dwight Howard comes, DJ and Eric are gone, meaning, the Clippers don’t have many other players to score.
So, I’m glad those trades did not happen.

We did get Caron Butler from Dallas. I can’t say much about him because I haven’t seen him play, but looking over his history, he’s been injured quite a bit. He’s never played a full season and is coming off a season-ending knee injury just last year. While he was healthy, he was definitely a great player, but if he’s someone who gets injured often I will definitely be disappointed. However, he did say to the media today that his knees were recovered and is no longer an issue. DJ Foster, the writer for, has been very against Caron Butler on the Clippers. While he admires him as a player, he believes he is not a good match for the team. But hopefully, he’s really fully healed and can help out the Clippers make the playoffs.

I’ve said this at the end of last year’s season, and I’ll say it again. I know the Clippers will make the playoffs this year. Yes, I’m a pretty die-hard fan for the Clippers and want the best for them, but I just have this gut feeling that it’s going to happen. I don’t even have to explain Blake Griffin. He is a motor that keeps running and he can’t be stopped. Okay… yes, he can, but he can only be better than last year, and the thought of that scares me. In a good way. We have DJ who took his abilities to a whole new level and proved to us that he can become a player like Dwight Howard in the future. Eric Gordon is a pure shooter who can make shots on demand. He goes hard to the basket and is a very physical player. Last, but not least, Mo Williams has experience under his belt and is a great outside shooter as well. Maybe they won’t be a top-seed, but at least and 8th seed is guaranteed.

Their schedule, as well as everyone else’s is rough, but they have young fresh legs… for the most part. So hopefully, it works to their advantage.

Christmas came a little early for us Clipper fans, who’ll be watching the Clippers take on the Golden State Warrios Christmas night! After about five months of no NBA, I’ve been waiting for this day to come! This is the first time in history the Clippers will be playing on Christmas Day. That’s what you call the Power of Blake. 



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