Sugene Lee

Welcome to the Clippers, CP3

In NBA: LA Clippers on December 15, 2011 at 5:27 pm

The CP3 trade talks were “reborn again” yesterday when David Stern hoped to get a good deal with the Clippers. Clippers got CP3 and 2 future 2nd round picks from the Hornets while the Hornets acquired Aminu, Kaman, Minn’s 1st, and Eric Gordon. Yes, you read that right. Eric Gordon. As excited as some fans were about having CP3 on the Clippers, majority of the fans were angry because they put Eric Gordon in the trade. I was extremely disappointed that they put both Minn’s 1st and Eric Gordon in the trade. I would have preferred them to put Minn’s 1st, Eric Bledsoe and Mo Williams in the trade. Now, the Clips have 4 point guards and no solid shooting guard. It must have been so disappointing for Gordon to find out he was being traded while on a tour bus with Cippers’ VIP’s. He’s an amazing player on and off the court. While there was confusion and sadness on his face when asked about the trade, he took it very well and said he was just “a basketball player… and would not have no hard feelings.” Chris Kaman also handled it very well and thanked all his fans for the support on Twitter.

I would have been a much happy camper if the Clippers just didn’t trade Eric Gordon. If he remained on the team, I would say the Clippers would have a chance to contend. While having CP3 is almost an automatic entrance into the playoffs, with CP3 making wide open shots for his teammates, the Clippers could have been a much bigger threat than they are now.
But what’s done is done now and I welcome Chris Paul to the Clippers and I really hope he stays with the Clippers for a long time along with Blake Griffin. It will be an extremely exciting season to watch and I can’t wait!

I’ll miss Eric Gordon and will continue to support him throughout his career. Wish him the best of luck!


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