Sugene Lee

Matt Barnes Jealous?

In NBA: LA Clippers on December 24, 2011 at 6:38 pm

After two preseason games, Clippers have gotten more attention from people all over the league.

Matt Barnes, who was frustrated after the two losses against the Clips, hid none of his emotions about Blake Griffin and the Clippers. Accepting the fact that the Clippers have something to be excited about with their veteran additions, Barnes didn’t accept the flops called by the refs nor did he accept the celebration of their dunks. But what celebration is he talking about? The Clippers didn’t overreact on any of their dunks. The only people going crazy were the fans, and what fans wouldn’t cheer after a nice dunk? After each dunk, the Clips went to the other end of the court to continue their play on D.

Barnes’ streak on the court is a nasty one as was shown with his shove on Blake Griffin in the 3rd quarter of Wednesday night’s game, resulting in a Flagrant 1. He even had the guts to say that Blake Griffin “flailed everywhere like like I threw him to half-court.” (Flailing everywhere? All I saw was Barnes shove pushing Blake to the ground. There was no flailing to my understanding.) One of the biggest misunderstandings about those plays is that even a little shove on someone who is unbalanced will knock them over. Heat’s Eddie House’s shove on Blake last year when he was going up for a lob also caused annoyance on Blake flopping, when in reality, House’s push on Blake was caught when he was running at full speed, about to jump. It’s the consequence of gravity. It happens.

True competitors won’t feel the need to complain about other teams’ performances. They should just want to win, and Barnes has shown the public the complete opposite.

Yes, they were just preseason games and meant absolutely nothing on either one’s records, but where’s the need to complain about the energy of an excited team? The Clippers know those games meant nothing, but to be able to play together, and they also understand they have a lot to work on before contending for a title and are willing to put in the work each day to prove their worth in the league. They’re not claiming themselves to be the L.A. team, but they’re also not going to be known as the laughing stock of the NBA.

Barnes’ complaints on the Clips only showed his jealousy about the attention he’s not getting. The Lakers are still the L.A. team and have proven themselves to be one of the best teams in the history of the NBA, but there just may come a time when the “J.V.” team will take over. Kobe won’t be playing his game a few years from now, which is just a consequence of aging. And if there’s no Kobe, there might as well not be a Lakers. However, history has proven that the Lakers will always create a team able to contend for a title. If they acquire Dwight Howard next year, they will still be the team to beat. But, with the current rosters, many will agree that the Clippers will be the Pacific division championships.

There shouldn’t have been any reason for Barnes to complain about the Clips’ W’s for preseason games. They played their game and won. Simple as that. There will be three games during the regular season for Barnes to compete in and have a chance to win against the Clippers.

All I know is, if the Lakers win those games, none of the Clippers will be complaining about their loss and will only strive to be better.

  1. That Blake Griffin commercial was the first time i’ve heard \”the next level\” other than out of staton mouth…lol XD

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