Sugene Lee

Clippers lose in home opener 101-114

In NBA: LA Clippers on December 31, 2011 at 5:11 pm

While the Clippers created a highlight reel for a good week, last year’s MVP, Derrick Rose, showed why he won that title in a Bull’s victory 114-101. He finished with a team-high of 29 points, 16 assists, and 8 rebounds.

The Clippers were able to stay with them until the last half of the 4th quarter when the Bulls ran away with it by drilling their 3’s. Blake Griffin had a game-high 34 points and 13 rebounds (6 of them being offensive rebounds). He was the motor of the team, but just couldn’t lead them to a victory with DRose’s lightning speed to the basket.

Mr. Big Shot was also out for the night with a sore right groin, but Mo Williams played like a starter and helped with 13 points.
DeAndre Jordan got into foul trouble early but was still able to contribute with 12 points (all coming from dunks), 5 rebounds, and 3 blocked shots. Caron Butler had 16 points of his own to contribute on 6-11 shooting.

Like Wednesday night, the Clippers got off to a hot 7-0 start after Blake’s big two-hand dunk. But with a MVP on a team like the Bulls, that meant nothing. The Clips were up for most of the 1st quarter, but ended with the Bulls up one point. The Clippers were outscored in every quarter, whether it was by 1 or 7 points.

While both teams scored similar percentages in field goals and 3-pointers, the number of times Chicago shot at the line was 14 more than the Clips. The Bulls went to the line 34 times and made 29 of their attempts, while the Clips had 20 attempts and only made 12. Also, the Bulls’ 45 rebounds contributed greatly to their victory.

Still a problem for the Clippers, they were only able to grab 31 rebounds, 13 coming from Blake alone.

In a battle between point guards, DRose takes home the trophy along with his great stats for the night. CP3 had a great line of his own with 15 points, 14 assists and 4 steals.

Credit has to be given to the Bulls for playing a great game. As last year’s best defensive team, they made the Clippers struggle and earn their shots. Their victory tonight was earned.

On a brighter note:
Still an excuse, but a good one, the Bulls have been playing with each other for over a year except for their new addition of Rip Hamilton. However, the Clips have only been together for 2 weeks along with 3 new starters and continue to show signs of greatness. They’re having a tough start of the season, but within a month or two of playing together, they will start getting quality wins.

Blake’s jumpers are still a work in progress, but once he starts hitting those, he just may be un-guardable.

Clippers fans may be disappointed with the outcome of these games right now, but in the long run, the Clips will be able to show their worth in the league and prove that they’re not just a team to win in the highlight reels.

Blake addressed Staples Center before the game with CP3 and said “We’ll try to make this a season you won’t forget.”

Watch their next game on New Years Day as they take on Portland!


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