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Clippers Always Under the Radar

In Uncategorized on September 12, 2012 at 3:15 am

As the NBA offseason is slowly coming to an end, the Clippers had quite a successful summer. Of course, it seemed as if nothing had changed when Vinny DelNegro was extended for another year, and Neil Olshey left for Portland. Things were still very Clipper-esque and seemed to be at a stop. But then, things started to change. 

Lamar Odom was acquired through a ship and trade with Mo Williams, who was traded to his first NBA team, the Utah Jazz. Next, it was Jamal Crawford, who decided to join the Clippers as a free agent, and surprisingly, along with Grant Hill, who’s best friend, Steve Nash, decided to join the Lakers. With Grant Hill’s career coming to an end, it was quite a powerful message to Clipper Nation as to how strongly he believes the Clippers can contend for a championship this upcoming season. One would think that having those three coming off the bench would be good enough, but it did not stop there. The Clips were also able to acquire Willie Green, Ryan Hollins, and Ronny Turiaf. Is there any other team, on paper, deeper than the Clippers right now? 

Want some more good news? Blake Griffin signed his extension for another 5 years and Chauncey Billups is healing much faster than anyone expected. Chris Paul, on the other hand, did not sign an extension, simply because he would be getting more money next year; it all makes sense. Calm down, Clipper Nation. Oh yes, and now, they have a GM who has been working with the Clipper organization for the past 18 years, Gary Sacks. 

Sure, Blake Griffin tore his meniscus and could not participate in this year’s Summer Olympics, but the most important part is that he is 100% right now and ready to go. Also, Chris Paul received surgery on his thumb, but will be back in no time. 

While all this was happening, there was not much buzz around the Clippers. The spotlight was on Dwight Howard, who brought his spotlight to L.A. Just not the Clippers, but rather the Lakers. With Dwight Howard on the other side of the Staples Center, people are assuming that the Lakers will win another championship this year and disregarding the Clippers, once again. Truth be told, the Lakers’ starting five is probably the best there is, but what about their bench? Chemistry? Coaching? I am being biased, only because I despise the Lakers, but really, nobody knows. Did anyone expect the Detroit Pistons to win the championship in 2004? Not a chance. 

So, who knows what will happen this season. Will the Heat win again? What about OKC? San Antonio? And why not, the Clippers? 

The excitement is coming and us, NBA fans, cannot wait any longer!