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Clippers fall in Rose Garden 97-105

In NBA: LA Clippers on January 11, 2012 at 7:36 am

The Clippers lose, 97-105, in a physical battle against the Trailblazers, who continues to be unbeaten in their vicious Rose Garden.

Despite finally out-rebounding a team, 39-34, with 13 of the 39 being offensive rebounds, the Clippers weren’t able to dig themselves out of their 2nd quarter deficit.

Portland got off to a hot start with Gerald Wallace, who was scoreless in their New Years match, hitting consecutive jumpers and fouling out of the game with 20 points on 8-12 shooting. The Clippers were struggling to get the ball to go through the hoop, only hitting 33% of their shots. However, they went on a quick run with Mo Williams coming off the bench, making seven points in under four minutes and 14 to finish the game, ending the quarter 26-24.

CP3 got into foul trouble quickly, receiving his third with seven minutes left in the 2nd quarter. He sat out the rest of the half with 0-3 shooting, 1 assist and 3 rebounds. Blake Griffin continued to be double-teamed, but finished with 18 points and 12 rebounds, also hitting three consecutive jumpers in the third quarter on Lamarcus Aldridge who had 18 points and 7 rebounds of his own.

Caron Butler, who has been consistent throughout the season, continued to quietly contribute his 20 points and 6 rebounds. Reggie Evans also continues to be a threat on the glass with 7 boards in 16 minutes.

The closest the Clips got to Portland was after Chauncey, who had 19 points, hit a three, making it a two point game, 80-82. However, Portland came right back on a 7-0 run, giving them a nine point lead. Every time the Clips cut the lead, Portland made more shots to keep their lead.

With just a little over 20 seconds left the Clips were down three, 97-100, but missed key free throws, one by Billups which was his first miss of the season, and had a couple key turnovers in the final seconds of the game by Blake Griffin. They were just unable to execute their plays in the final minutes.

The Clips didn’t have a horrendous night, but they let Portland outwork them on both ends. They gave Wallace, Aldridge, and Wesley Matthews too many easy looks, especially in the second half. Portland also got sent to the line 32 times and were able to get 26 points from free throws, while the Clips got 17 of their 24 attempts. Whistles were constantly blown by the refs as both teams became chippy with one another, being very physical.

At times, the Clippers seem to be unorganized on their offense, but they need to figure out to jell quicker as they return home to play Miami on Wednesday night and the Lakers on Saturday night.

What Went Wrong?

It won’t happen very often, but CP3 getting into foul trouble hurt the Clippers badly. Without CP3 on the court for most of the first half, Raymond Felton was able to have a smooth first half. However, when Paul came back, he forced two critical turnovers on Felton in the final minutes of the game. Also, with CP3 on the bench, he wasn’t able to be on the court to make plays for his teammates, which led to the Clips’ sloppy offense.

DeAndre Jordan, who blocked 4 shots, but only had 4 points and 5 rebounds in 32 minutes, seemed to have disappeared. For someone who stands at 6’11 and  has a wingspan of 7’6 should be recording double digits in rebounds. He grabbed 11 rebounds, his only double digit, in their last game against Portland on New Years, but failed to grab more than 8 in any other game this season. His agressiveness seems to have gone down and he doesn’t battle his opponents for rebounds like last season as he averaged 7.2 rebounds in 25 minutes compared to 6.7 rebounds in 31 minutes this season.

Brian Cook went scoreless on 0-3 fg’s and 0-2 from behind the arc in his 4:50 minutes of play, which resulted in a -14 in his +/- rating. He fails to make open shots and only contributes to his reputation of becoming the next Luke Walton for the Clippers. (I honestly think Trey Thompkins would do a better job in replacing Cook who can’t even do his job of hitting some 3’s once in a while).

Lastly, Vinny Del Negro’s inability to draw up good plays in the final minutes of a game. Portland deserved to win (and I’m not taking any credit away from them), but with a better coach with more experience, the Clippers can get to a whole other level, fast.
Jerry Sloan? Stockton & Malone = CP3 & Griffin?

Next Game: vs. Miami, Wednesday 1/11/12


Clippers blow out the Rockets 117-89

In NBA: LA Clippers on January 5, 2012 at 7:09 am

In the battle between Chris Paul and Kyle Lowry (17 points and 5 assists), a very underrated guard, Paul won. With Paul starting the game scoring points along with Blake’s 1st quarter start, the Clippers were able to open a big margin in the first quarter, scoring 41 points while giving the Rockets only 26. CP3 finished with 20 points on 9 of 14 field goals attempts, 2 of 3 behind the arc, 10 assists, and 3 steals. Blake Griffin also had a great shooting night, finishing with 22 points on 10-15 field goal attempts.

Chauncey Billups came back and gave 13 points of his own, along with Caron Butler’s 11 points. Randy Foye came off the bench in the 4th quarter and went on a little run of his own, scoring 12 in the last quarter.

While the Clips’ defense wasn’t too great in the first quarter, their defense is what gave them the victory in the last 3 quarters. Both teams shooting above 50% into the 2nd quarter, the Clips were able to hold them to 46.1% while they shot 57.3% to end the game.

However, Clippers were still not able to out-rebound their opponent, both teams having 33 rebounds, despite the Rockets’ undersized team. The length of DeAndre Jordan and Blake should take over the boards, but they continue to get beat in every game.

A big improvement from last year is their average number of turnovers, only having 7 tonight and forcing 19 on Houston. This leads to less opportunities for their opponents to score and gain back momentum, but their defense must continue to intensify each game. Jordan, the leader of blocked shots, had none tonight, but was still able to change the direction of his opponents’ shots. If they continue to play defense, their offense will come naturally, like tonight.

Tonight, the Clippers were Lob Angeles, throwing more oops than any other game this season back and forth with DJ and Blake. With another sell-out crowd, the stadium was loud and proud.

After opening the margin by more than 20 points, the starting line-up for the Clips were able to rest for most of the 4th quarter and give the reserves a chance to play. Rookie, Travis Leslie, gets an alley oop assist from Trey Thompkins to score his first NBA basket. Despite all the fame and attention the starters get, they still continue to cheer on their team and show excitement off the bench.

Next game: vs. Bucks on Saturday 1/7

Clippers starting off the new year with a win

In NBA: LA Clippers on January 2, 2012 at 8:38 am

The Clippers were able to start the new year with a win against Portland in a 93-88 victory.

They had a solid start in the first quarter with the ball moving more and CP3 getting his teammates open shots.

CP3 was able to seal the deal, once again, after Portland came back up from a 17 point deficit, with his lucky 3-point buzzer beater andd drive-in layup with 9.3 seconds left on the clock. He finished the game with 17 points and 7 assists. This is why CP3 is a superstar. He’s able to score points in the final minutes and lead the Clips to a W.

With their improvement on defense, the Clips were able to hold the Blazers to 42.3% from the field and 26.7% from the three. They also came right out the gate with Blake, who had 20 points and 10 rebounds, exercising his mid-range jumpers and making his first attempts. However, he had a team-high of 5 turnovers of his team’s season-high total of 21. The Clips failed to out-rebound their opponents again with 38 rebounds, but luckily, they also forced the Blazers to 21 turnovers. Even with a little improvement from their last two games, the Clippers will improve much more as the season goes on. Blake Griffin states that they’re still “figuring each other out and can be even better.”

Caron Butler also had his best game in a Clippers uniform with 19 points and 5 rebounds; two points also came from a nice dunk of his own.

Randy Foye started in for Chauncey Billups, who’s still out from a sore right groin, and added 8 points of his own.

Mo Williams, who came out with lots of energy from the bench, added 13 points and 5 assists. He’s been embracing his role as a reserve and has shown great energy to keep the team running.

DeAndre Jordan got 9 points and 11 rebounds. Averaging the highest number of blocked shots this season, he was only able to get 1 tonight. However, with his attempts, he changed the direction of many shots and led to a Clippers’ possession.

Portland was coming back from three long quarters of sloppiness, and cut the 17 point deficit to 2, until Chris Paul decided to take over and work all over the place, offensively and defensively. He took on Jamal Crawford, a previous 6th man of the year, who had 23 points off the bench, and held him down. CP3 was also able to jump ball against Marcus Camby, and won.

While the Clippers were able to pull through with a New Year win, they still have much to improve on before they become true contenders. They’ll continue to be tested throughout the season, but they will also improve tremendously. They need to raise their efforts on rebounding as well as defense.

The Clips didn’t shoot extremely well, 48% from the field, but were able to hold down their opponent and win.

Clippers will be taking on Houston Rockets on Wednesday night!

Clippers lose in home opener 101-114

In NBA: LA Clippers on December 31, 2011 at 5:11 pm

While the Clippers created a highlight reel for a good week, last year’s MVP, Derrick Rose, showed why he won that title in a Bull’s victory 114-101. He finished with a team-high of 29 points, 16 assists, and 8 rebounds.

The Clippers were able to stay with them until the last half of the 4th quarter when the Bulls ran away with it by drilling their 3’s. Blake Griffin had a game-high 34 points and 13 rebounds (6 of them being offensive rebounds). He was the motor of the team, but just couldn’t lead them to a victory with DRose’s lightning speed to the basket.

Mr. Big Shot was also out for the night with a sore right groin, but Mo Williams played like a starter and helped with 13 points.
DeAndre Jordan got into foul trouble early but was still able to contribute with 12 points (all coming from dunks), 5 rebounds, and 3 blocked shots. Caron Butler had 16 points of his own to contribute on 6-11 shooting.

Like Wednesday night, the Clippers got off to a hot 7-0 start after Blake’s big two-hand dunk. But with a MVP on a team like the Bulls, that meant nothing. The Clips were up for most of the 1st quarter, but ended with the Bulls up one point. The Clippers were outscored in every quarter, whether it was by 1 or 7 points.

While both teams scored similar percentages in field goals and 3-pointers, the number of times Chicago shot at the line was 14 more than the Clips. The Bulls went to the line 34 times and made 29 of their attempts, while the Clips had 20 attempts and only made 12. Also, the Bulls’ 45 rebounds contributed greatly to their victory.

Still a problem for the Clippers, they were only able to grab 31 rebounds, 13 coming from Blake alone.

In a battle between point guards, DRose takes home the trophy along with his great stats for the night. CP3 had a great line of his own with 15 points, 14 assists and 4 steals.

Credit has to be given to the Bulls for playing a great game. As last year’s best defensive team, they made the Clippers struggle and earn their shots. Their victory tonight was earned.

On a brighter note:
Still an excuse, but a good one, the Bulls have been playing with each other for over a year except for their new addition of Rip Hamilton. However, the Clips have only been together for 2 weeks along with 3 new starters and continue to show signs of greatness. They’re having a tough start of the season, but within a month or two of playing together, they will start getting quality wins.

Blake’s jumpers are still a work in progress, but once he starts hitting those, he just may be un-guardable.

Clippers fans may be disappointed with the outcome of these games right now, but in the long run, the Clips will be able to show their worth in the league and prove that they’re not just a team to win in the highlight reels.

Blake addressed Staples Center before the game with CP3 and said “We’ll try to make this a season you won’t forget.”

Watch their next game on New Years Day as they take on Portland!

Embarrassing Loss for the Clips

In NBA: LA Clippers on December 29, 2011 at 4:47 am

up, DOWN, UP, DOWNNNN. Those were the emotions of the Clippers fans in tonight’s game against the Spurs.

Going against a championship caliber team, the Clippers failed to pass their test in a 90-115 loss.

The Clips had a horrendous start in the first quarter, only hitting 33% of their shots, missing wide open shots. The first 5 points went to the Clippers easily, but the next 6 came from Manu Ginobili hitting a 3 then 3 free throws. The Spurs went in a long run into the 2nd quarter, until the Clips climbed back up from a 14 point deficit to make it a tie. Only down 4 at the half, the Spurs ran away with it at the start of the 3rd quarter, outscoring the Clippers 38 to 17.

Manu Ginobili (24 points: 6-10 fg, 5-8 behind the arc, 7-7 from the line) ignited the fire for the Spurs, hitting 3’s along with Jefferson’s 19 points (8-9 from the field, 3-4 behind the arc). The Spurs are a fantastic team, but a game like tonight will not come in every game. Their Big 3, who have been together for 10 years, had a huge advantage over the Clips’ “Big 3” who have only been together for less than two weeks.

Sadly, Blake Griffin’s game-high 28 points on 11-19, didn’t make much of a difference against the Spurs. There were spurts of greatness in the first half, but overall it was embarrassing.

They were out rebounded, again, 30-43, only 17 assists (10 less than the Spurs), and their defense was just pathetic.


(I’m so frustrated at tonight’s game I just need to vent)

The Clippers have great players, and yes, they’re just getting to know each others’ game, but Vinny Del Negro’s coaching is just disappointing. They looked confused and had no idea what they were doing defensively. Letting any team score 115 points will give you a loss, and that’s exactly what the Clippers did tonight.

Chauncey Billups isn’t as consistent as I thought he would be after giving me high hopes following the first preseason game. He takes reckless shots and misses. CP3 is still CP3, but I wish he came out more aggressively. His competitiveness needs to come out and take control of the game and give his teammates a kick here and there.

Clippers’ front office needs to get a back-up center, and they need to stop putting Brian Cook in the game. I don’t care how many 3’s he makes during practice. If he can’t make them during the game, he’s pointless.

Tonight’s game was just disappointing and ugly. No other words to describe it.

Hopefully they come out and play better against the Bulls Friday night.

CP3 seals the deal in an ugly win

In NBA: LA Clippers on December 26, 2011 at 7:03 pm

The Clips took on the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day in an ugly 105-86 victory. Despite the 19-point win, the Clips were not anywhere near satisfied with their performance. There was no celebrating after the game, only disappointment. Rebounding still remained a problem and their offensive game was nowhere near pretty. However, their disappointed reactions only showed that they have high-expectations for themselves and are striving to become the best. This should only be encouraging for Clipper Nation.

Excitement roared in the Oracle Arena as the first game of the regular season was about to begin.

Clippers had a rough start with Warriors’ Biendrins and Lee taking charge in the paint with point and rebounds. Points went back and forth with Billups hitting his first 3 of the game, who was a reckless 6-19 from the field and 3-10 behind the arc. Mr. Big Shot continued to take reckless shots and unfortunately, continued to miss during those long stretches of ugly basketball.

Looking alone at Blake’s stats, 22 points and 7 rebounds, isn’t too shabby. But he’s Blake Griffin. Standards are set high for the power forward this year. Fans want to see more quality games.

DeAndre Jordan had a rough game as well, despite his monstrous block party, with 8 blocked shots. Yet, he only took 2 shot attempts, making one, and was 4 of 12 from the line. GSW decided to play hack-a-Jordan and fouled him 4 consecutive times. With none of his free throws falling, it wasn’t a horrible idea for the Warriors, but in the long-run it didn’t help one bit.

Stats don’t account for the performance of either teams. In the 19-point blowout, the Clips didn’t necessarily play better. They were just better. The game was dragged on for 3 1/2 quarters until the best player on the team, CP3, pressed on the gas and sealed the deal with his 3 consecutive jump shots.

This was the realization many came to after watching last night’s game. With the Clips’ potential on a completely different level than last year, they can get effortless wins ugly or pretty. The anticipation wasn’t anywhere near the two preseason games against the Lakers, but they still came out with an easy win. There was never a time during the game where I thought the Clippers were go ing to lose. Yes, the game dragged on with frustration after countless unorganized offensive plays, but the Clips were sure to come out with a win.

The point for the Clippers isn’t to have lobs left and right, but to play basketball and get a W any way possible and their first game of the season proved just that. No matter how ugly it can get, they’re looking to get a win.

Hopefully, these ugly games don’t occur often. But a win is a win.

Here are some highlights to cover for an unsatisfying victory:

DJ’s monstrous block leads to another highlight by Blake.

Caron Butler’s And-1 Rainbow shot


Next game: Wed. 12/28 @ San Antonio, 5:30 pm

Postgame 12/21: Clippers Win Again

In NBA: LA Clippers on December 22, 2011 at 6:08 pm

Another sold out arena in the Staples Center created an atmosphere of a regular season match against hallway rivalries. Clippers won in a 108-103 battle, but this time, it didn’t come so easily.

Although it was a Clippers home game, half the fans were on the Lakers side and voiced their support for the purple and gold team.

The Lakers came out stronger than they did Monday night in the first preseason game even without their star player, Kobe, who sat out with torn ligaments in his wrist after getting swatted by DeAndre Jordan. Derek Fisher started and ended with 11 points in 24 minutes in his first game after six long months. Ebanks came out strong in replace of Kobe making his first 3 shots and Gasol also made 5 of 7 shots with a result of 13 points in 30 minutes. But the nightly notable on the Lakers was Andrew Bynum. He hit 11 of 15 shots and had a Lakers team high of 26 points along with his 11 rebounds. If Bynum can stay healthy for a full season, he’ll be causing a lot of damage in the post, but how often has that happened?

As for the Clippers, they showed another trick up their sleeve with their new team. Monday night, they were able to prove to the league that they are capable of playing with the best, but Tuesday night, they showed that they can win after being down more than 10 points. They don’t need all their star players to score 10+ points to win a game. All they need is a little team work and help from one another whether it’s defensively or a little encouragement. Chris Paul didn’t need to score 17 points this game, just 10 assists. Billups also added just 8 points from a 23 point game from Monday night. When certain players don’t play as well, others will come along and help score.

DJ is continuing to show his worth in his position with three amazing block shots and crowd-roaring dunks.

Blake Griffin came back alive after a mediocre game from Monday night. He ended with 30 points on 11 of 17 shoots along with making 8 of his 10 free throws. Also adding a little defense to his game, he had 3 steals. After a flagrant 1 foul against Matt Barnes’ shove on Blake Griffin, the Clippers went on a 11-0 run and extended their lead by 12 points. He scored 9 of his 30 points in the final 5 minutes of the game easily against Troy Murphy of the Lakers. Just when the Lakers were catching up with only 2 minutes left on the clock, Blake took a momentum-changing charge by Matt Barnes and the game was over.

A weakness that still continued for Blake, and the Clippers as a whole was rebounding. The Clippers were disgracefully out rebounded by the Lakers of 44 while grabbing only 27 of their own. However, the game changer was the Clippers dramatic improvement on reducing their turnovers and increasing their opponent’s. They forced the Lakers to 22 turnovers, resulting in 30 points, while they only had 6 of their own.

While they still haven’t proven their worth of being the better L.A. team, they are coming together slowly and improving each day.

The first real game of the season will be on Christmas Day against the Golden State Warriors away from their home. This will be the Clippers first game on Christmas Day in history.

It’s going to be a good one, so don’t miss it!

Postgame: Clippers vs. Lakers 12/19

In NBA: LA Clippers on December 20, 2011 at 9:02 am

Clippers take a 114-95 victory over the Lakers in their first preseason game.

This game was nothing like a typical preseason game. Seats were filled like a regular season match in the Staples Center. Tickets were sold out to watch the Lakers take on the new and improved Clippers team and the competitiveness was shown right out of the gate.

However, because it was the first actual game of the season, both teams showed weaknesses that often occur when they haven’t played together for months.

Kobe, as expected, went on the court to play basketball and revealed no sign of negative emotions concerning his personal life and hit his amazing jump shots from the start but ended up with 7 turnovers. Pau and Bynum, in the front court, also played competitively and at times gave the Clippers a hard time in the post.

Yes, it was just a preseason game, but the Clippers took over the court tonight. The flow wasn’t perfect for either team considering the Lakers had to learn a different system with new coach, Mike Brown, and the Clippers only played together for a couple days. Yet, the Clippers revealed their ability to play together in those 48 minutes.

Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups, Caron Butler, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan were the starting lineup for the Clippers and they were one heck of a starting lineup. The veterans played as if they were at least 15 games into the regular season and DeAndre showed his remarkable dunking and blocking abilities. He had a game high of 4 blocked shots, and boy were they vicious. With a swat at Kobe’s shot attempt, DJ knocked Kobe to the ground and embarrassed him. Same to rookie, Darius Morris, who showed a little Kobe in him with a buzzer beater at the end of the first quarter to tie the score at 28 each. Jordan and Chris Paul also connected with a couple lobs and a strong finish that landed the highlight reel.

CP3, with 17 points and 9 assists also played with excitement and passion as he debuted with the Clippers. He wasn’t 100% satisfied, but he said they did a decent job “learning on the fly.” With experience, CP3, Billups and Butler were able to lead the young team by hitting shots and giving direction. Billups, with a game high of 23 points at age 35, showed no signs of aging after hitting consecutive 3’s, one from way deep (now I know why he’s called “Mr. Big Shot”). Butler also hit a few of his mid-range jumpers with ease.

Blake Griffin, who had a couple of highlights of his own got into foul trouble early and couldn’t knock down shots. After an off-the-backboard assist from Billups, Blake slammed the ball down through the hoop, but received a technical for hanging on the rim too long (which shouldn’t have been a technical, but the referee told Blake he probably shouldn’t have called that, so I’m not bitter anymore). Additionally, I also predict that Blake may not be the superstar anymore with the great talent surrounding him. Maybe it was just the preseason game, but he was not himself (hopefully I was just speculating too much into it).

Although the Clippers ended up with a W by 19 points, speaking as a die-hard Clippers fan, this game meant nothing and proved nothing but the fact that the Clippers can be a good team. It didn’t prove that the Clippers were going to be the new L.A. team and it also didn’t prove that the Clippers were going to be the better team. Both teams weren’t at their full potential, but were still learning to gel together and play together. No matter how many all-stars the Clippers have, a championship is simply not possible within the first year as we saw with the Big 3 in Miami. It takes time getting used to with the addition of new players who have never played with each other. With the Lakers losing by a big margin in their first preseason game, they might come out Wednesday night with more motivation and come out with their own victory (but I hope that isn’t the case because I’m going to watch that game at the Staples Center).

The best part of all this is how much excitement there was in the atmosphere of the Staples Center when it was “only” a preseason game. The Clippers bandwagon is filling up, but is also bringing a lot of haters with it.

Boy, it’s going to be a good season.

My Take: Clippers vs. Lakers Preseason Preview

In NBA: LA Clippers on December 17, 2011 at 10:45 am

In approximately 2 1/2 days, the Clippers will be taking on the Lakers in an exhibition game. While things have been looking up for the Clippers the past week, the Lakers have been a whole different story. It started out with David Stern’s veto on the CP3 trade, then Lamar getting sent to Dallas, now, Kobe’s wife is filing a divorce. Who would’ve thought all this was possible in one week?

Lakers: With their first preseason game in a couple of days, it can go either way. They don’t have a true point guard, their bench isn’t deep, and they have more than enough problems one team can handle. With their new coach, Mike Brown, they had to learn a whole new game without much time. Also, not only the Lakers, but all teams in the league need more than just a couple weeks to get used to each other. So it can get a little messy. In other news, Kobe can either let his emotions about the divorce get to him and pull a Pau Gasol, or he can come out strong and determined and play his game like he always does. Kobe has never let his emotions get to him and has sent out a message to the league that he only worries about winning and nothing else. He doesn’t care about being the “boring team” in L.A as long as they get results. Those are true words of a champion. But will all these negative events bring them down, or will it fuel their motivation and lead them to a W? Majority of the people say the Lakers will still be L.A.’s team, but I’m not so sure about that.

Clippers: They have never received so much attention in the past three decades. Clippers were able to acquire the best point guard in the league with a couple veterans with championship experience. With such an improvement in their roster, people are starting to talk about the Clippers contending. Not just playoffs, but championships in the near future. Personally, I don’t want to make any guesses, but I definitely do hope for the best. I feel like playoffs are a given at this point, but championships don’t come that easily. In the next few years they might just be in the Finals, but we’ll see what happens. It isn’t that easy for teams to mend so easily when only playing with each other for several days, no matter how good the players are, but CP3 showed a lot of excitement about playing with the Clippers and is determined to win. Blake Griffin didn’t give out any numbers on how many games they will win or how far they will go into the playoffs, but he did promise that when people talk about the Clippers, it won’t be a joke anymore. Now, that’s an exciting promise.
I just hope they don’t come out too prideful and continue to play to their best abilities starting Monday night.

As a Los Angeles native, I do support both L.A. teams, but I’ve been supporting the Clippers more. So there is probably some bias in all my articles, but that’s just my excitement for this new and improved team. In addition to that, I really do hope the Clippers go home with a win.

It’s going to be an exciting year for the Clippers, so people better hop onto the bandwagon because it’s going to be full. I don’t really like the fact that people are jumping on the Clippers bandwagon due to the trade of CP3, but since I can’t control it, might as well welcome them and support the Clippers together.  Season tickets have already been sold out along with partial plans for the Clippers. Yes. The “other” L.A team’s season tickets are already sold out. This proves the expectations of this team and Clippernation hopes to watch this team go deep into the playoffs.

1st Preseason game: Monday, December 19, 2011 @ Staples Center 7:30 pm.
It’s going to be “Lob City!”

Welcome to the Clippers, CP3

In NBA: LA Clippers on December 15, 2011 at 5:27 pm

The CP3 trade talks were “reborn again” yesterday when David Stern hoped to get a good deal with the Clippers. Clippers got CP3 and 2 future 2nd round picks from the Hornets while the Hornets acquired Aminu, Kaman, Minn’s 1st, and Eric Gordon. Yes, you read that right. Eric Gordon. As excited as some fans were about having CP3 on the Clippers, majority of the fans were angry because they put Eric Gordon in the trade. I was extremely disappointed that they put both Minn’s 1st and Eric Gordon in the trade. I would have preferred them to put Minn’s 1st, Eric Bledsoe and Mo Williams in the trade. Now, the Clips have 4 point guards and no solid shooting guard. It must have been so disappointing for Gordon to find out he was being traded while on a tour bus with Cippers’ VIP’s. He’s an amazing player on and off the court. While there was confusion and sadness on his face when asked about the trade, he took it very well and said he was just “a basketball player… and would not have no hard feelings.” Chris Kaman also handled it very well and thanked all his fans for the support on Twitter.

I would have been a much happy camper if the Clippers just didn’t trade Eric Gordon. If he remained on the team, I would say the Clippers would have a chance to contend. While having CP3 is almost an automatic entrance into the playoffs, with CP3 making wide open shots for his teammates, the Clippers could have been a much bigger threat than they are now.
But what’s done is done now and I welcome Chris Paul to the Clippers and I really hope he stays with the Clippers for a long time along with Blake Griffin. It will be an extremely exciting season to watch and I can’t wait!

I’ll miss Eric Gordon and will continue to support him throughout his career. Wish him the best of luck!