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Showing Up

In NBA: LA Clippers on November 7, 2012 at 8:58 pm

The Los Angeles Clippers were able to get a win against the struggling Lakers, but it didn’t mean a whole lot when they failed against a depleted Golden State Warriors team and the inferior Cleveland Cavaliers.

This doesn’t say a lot about the Warriors or the Cavaliers, but says more about the Clippers. Credit can’t be taken away from those two teams, but the Clippers know they “play to the level of [their] competition,” as Bledsoe said in Tuesday’s practice. Following the first loss against Golden State, the Clippers’ post-game interviews consisted of coming out strong right out of the gate, not playing chase in the second half, etc. However, when all is said and done, none of it matters unless they really do what they say, and so far, they haven’t shown it. Clippers came out strong for several minutes of the first quarter against the Cavaliers, but soon became too complacent and Cleveland shot lights out.

As a team proposed to be “elite,” it may be a bit difficult to be excited about teams not bound to make the playoffs. But, being great on paper means nothing if they don’t come out and show it and they are all aware of that. Given that Blake Griffin is playing through a swollen elbow and stiff neck, he may be the only one with an excuse of not showing up.

As odd as it may be, the Clippers have a target on their backs and no team is going to back down against “Lob City.”

Tonight, the Clippers are playing against a team with a perfect 4-0 record and a team who swept them in last year’s playoffs: San Antonio Spurs.  This is another game Los Angeles is bound to be pumped up for. The Spurs made a fool out of the Clippers. If the Clippers claim to “play to the level of [their] competition,” they have no choice but to play up.

My prediction: I believe that the Clippers will actually take this win and give the Spurs their first loss. Energy and adrenaline will be high and when that happens to the Clippers, results are positive. However, hitting the glass and reducing turnovers are a must.


“Grit & Grind” Is Not The Answer

In NBA: LA Clippers on May 16, 2012 at 7:19 am

First of all, I give the Clippers a whole lot of props for getting through the first-round. Nearly all ESPN “experts” expected the Clippers to lose in the first round, but they were able to grind out each win and win Game 7 on Memphis’ home court. It was one of the ugliest basketball I’ve seen, but it has to go down as one of the best first round series in the NBA Playoffs.

Then, here’s the problem: San Antonio Spurs. From the start of this lockout season, they’ve become an offensive juggernaut that just can’t be stopped. Once again, they’ve climbed up to take first place, record wise, and completely dominate their opponents. Unfortunately, the Clippers have to be on the bad end of the stick. When playing against a Memphis team that had one of the worst offensive in the league, the Clippers lucked out and got to hide their poor perimeter defense. In Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals, it was impossible to cover up their poor defense. Spurs were getting wide open three’s and drained 13-25 from behind the arc. And the Clippers’ poor rebounding continues to make me yell at the television.

The Spurs will not beat themselves, and the Clippers will not be able to grind out games to beat them. The second round will not be nearly as physical as the first round against Memphis, but the Clippers are going to be a heck of a lot smarter than the Spurs to beat them, which likely won’t happen because they have the one and only, Gregg Popovich.

With Chris Paul having an awfully bad shooting night and careless turnovers, Blake Griffin, Randy Foye and Mo Williams offering nothing on the offensive end will kill the Clippers. However, one thing we can take from the playoffs so far is that the Clippers’ bench have shown up. Known as the “Goon Squad,” they have changed the momentum of the game to their favor and have ultimately been the MVP’s of the first round. In Game 1 against the Spurs, Eric Bledsoe was doing it on both ends of the court with an efficient 23 points on 10 of 16 fg’s, 5 rebounds (4 offensive), 4 assists, and 3 steals. Essentially, he was the best Clipper on the court. He is the best on-the-ball and perimeter defender, and the stats don’t do justice to how he impacts the game.

The only way to beat these Spurs is if they can outscore this team. Spurs will score no matter what kind of defense you give them, but if the Clippers are not making shots, they’ll pay for it at the other end.

Embarrassing Loss for the Clips

In NBA: LA Clippers on December 29, 2011 at 4:47 am

up, DOWN, UP, DOWNNNN. Those were the emotions of the Clippers fans in tonight’s game against the Spurs.

Going against a championship caliber team, the Clippers failed to pass their test in a 90-115 loss.

The Clips had a horrendous start in the first quarter, only hitting 33% of their shots, missing wide open shots. The first 5 points went to the Clippers easily, but the next 6 came from Manu Ginobili hitting a 3 then 3 free throws. The Spurs went in a long run into the 2nd quarter, until the Clips climbed back up from a 14 point deficit to make it a tie. Only down 4 at the half, the Spurs ran away with it at the start of the 3rd quarter, outscoring the Clippers 38 to 17.

Manu Ginobili (24 points: 6-10 fg, 5-8 behind the arc, 7-7 from the line) ignited the fire for the Spurs, hitting 3’s along with Jefferson’s 19 points (8-9 from the field, 3-4 behind the arc). The Spurs are a fantastic team, but a game like tonight will not come in every game. Their Big 3, who have been together for 10 years, had a huge advantage over the Clips’ “Big 3” who have only been together for less than two weeks.

Sadly, Blake Griffin’s game-high 28 points on 11-19, didn’t make much of a difference against the Spurs. There were spurts of greatness in the first half, but overall it was embarrassing.

They were out rebounded, again, 30-43, only 17 assists (10 less than the Spurs), and their defense was just pathetic.


(I’m so frustrated at tonight’s game I just need to vent)

The Clippers have great players, and yes, they’re just getting to know each others’ game, but Vinny Del Negro’s coaching is just disappointing. They looked confused and had no idea what they were doing defensively. Letting any team score 115 points will give you a loss, and that’s exactly what the Clippers did tonight.

Chauncey Billups isn’t as consistent as I thought he would be after giving me high hopes following the first preseason game. He takes reckless shots and misses. CP3 is still CP3, but I wish he came out more aggressively. His competitiveness needs to come out and take control of the game and give his teammates a kick here and there.

Clippers’ front office needs to get a back-up center, and they need to stop putting Brian Cook in the game. I don’t care how many 3’s he makes during practice. If he can’t make them during the game, he’s pointless.

Tonight’s game was just disappointing and ugly. No other words to describe it.

Hopefully they come out and play better against the Bulls Friday night.